Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bonswa! Today was a very busy day for A Team in Haiti, we began our morning brighter and earlier than yesterday, waking up at 5 am. As a group, we went to a local church called Church on the Rock. We were amazed by the passion and the very obvious love shown for God. The experience was powerful to witness, the church here was not held in the traditional way that we as Americans would visualize. The churchgoers here rarely sit in chairs and listen, many of them would walk around and talk to God on their own and all of them were very invested in their faith.

The next part of the day, we split our team into two. One team went to the Home for Sick and Dying Babies, the other went to a special needs orphanage. The Home for Sick and Dying was spent holding and loving up on the babies, feeding them, and changing their (cloth) diapers. All of the members on this team were open and enthusiastic and gave as much love as we could to every baby possible. We also spent time talking to some of the parents that were there to visit their children and it was fun to get their story as well. Overall, it was a profound experience. At the special needs orphanage we were greeted with faces of joy. The little kids ran to greet us and to lead us into the door. We brought bubbles, balloons, and stickers. We couldn't even get the supplies out of our bag before all of the little hands were grasping for what we brought. They were so happy to have a bottle of bubbles or a sticker on their shirt! We spent our time playing with the kids and holding them tightly in our arms. Before we left we sang songs and prayed over the kids. God was working in all of us today as we each shared our God given gifts with the kids. 

The second half of the day was spent at Apparent Project. This organization was started in an effort to keep the "orphan" children with their parents (some children are given up because parents can't afford to keep them). We were given a tour of the production side of things and all products were hand made from recyclable materials. We were also given an opportunity to buy goods made right in Haiti. Goods included were jewelry, decorations, pottery, etc. It felt great that God gave us the opportunity to invest in these families and help them to support their families. 

See you tomorrow!
-Megan and Missy