Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kennebec Community Church - June 3rd 2017

Children, children, everywhere! God has blessed Haiti with so many beautiful little ones, and what a joy it is to spend the day holding and sharing the love of God with them. Today we went to La Loo, an orphanage in Port-Au-Prince. Unfortunately, the needs in Haiti are so vast that it feels like we are not doing enough. However, we need to remember that God makes much of little. Like with the bread and fish that He multiplied to feed 5,000 plus men! All we need to do is follow Gods call and allow him to work a miracle. God is the only one capable of controlling that child's fate. We need to trust His plan and serve Him with a whole heart. Though it may feel like we are not doing much. Know we are making a difference in each and every child's life that we touch, hold, and play with. God is smiling in heaven when we are loving His children.

We also were blessed to be able to visit the General Hospital here, and visit the pediatrics section of the hospital. We went in, talked with the sick kids and their families, asked for prayer requests, and prayed with them. It was so powerful to do all this in the mighty name of Jesus. Thankful to be able to come to God with all of our requests, even for our fellow brothers & sisters here in Christ in Haiti.

Our words of the day were: Soften, receptive, able, contrast, power, heartbreak, comfort, spoiled, warrior, joy, struggle, proud, and ordained.

~ Danika & Stephanie