Thursday, March 7, 2019

Compassion and Friendship

We traveled to Titanyen today. We began with our visit to Grace Village. We could clearly see God's work at Grace Village through their orphanage, school, clinic, church and Fleri Bakery! They are truly flourishing which then allows families and community to flourish.

We also did 4 elder visits in Titanyen. This is a time full of compassion and being God's eyes, voice, and hands. Looking into the eyes of the elders we felt so connected and felt God's love for them and for us. Washing their hands and feet, giving them massages, and painting some of their nails was such a joy.

Our theme for today was friendship and we are so blessed and grateful to see friendships developed, blossoming, and lasting among the Haitians, between us as a team, and between us and the Haitians. One of the most touching moments was to see our team member, Pauline, reconnect with the student she has sponsored for 4 years and the love between them!

Rosie's was a new stop for snacks and shopping and then on to Fleri Bakery for pizza! Fleri Bakery continues to grow and provide opportunity for employment as well as bread and restaurant for the community. We were thrilled to be part of Jake's live Facebook video while we were there! (See link belowhere: