Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thursday Woodridge

Jake- engaged
Raegan- contrast
Lola- team
Tracy- happiness
Jen- grooving
Buck- water
Ashlynn- quiet
Trinity- communicate
Ben- opportunity
Annette- partnership
Corrina- wow
Kim- chill

Shannon- noise

Today was very different and similar from the past days.  We went back to an orphanage named For His Glory we visited on Tuesday and played with the children again. Annette told the story of Jesus telling the sick man to walk again and the teacher translated it.  Those teachers are amazing at what they do and the children love learning from them. Laughter and song filled the classroom and smiles spread across each child’s face. During recess Lolita, Jen, and some others painted little girls (and boys) nails pink and purple. Ben somehow played guitar while a boy sat in his lap and another strummed the strings and played a song. I think For his glory is a special place because the teachers and “parents” are so proud of their children. After we left we made our way to the metal market and had to use some serious bartering skills. Every seller wanted Ashlynn’s attention for her to buy a canvas painting.  Then we went to a place called Montfort. Montfort is a school for the deaf. They have a really impressive farm/livestock there and we even got 23 mangoes and 2 papayas. Jake, Trinity, and Lolita tried to beat the kids in basketball but that didn’t come close to working. Tracy painted nails and Corrina played Chinese jump rope. Shannon, Kim and buck all had really meaningful conversations with the kids.  And for me, I am slowly but surely leading Haitian Creole. 

Raegan and the Woodridge Team