Friday, April 7, 2017

Today many of us returned to the Church on the Rock to start our pre-dawn day.
A great way to prepare for our journey to Carrefours and the home for sick and dying adults at the end of our week.  The team is starting to seem a bit fatigued and the heat and late night conversations are starting to take its toll.  None-the-less we've been open and excited for each days new experience.

We were told we were going to put lotion on their hands and feet but I don't think any one of us were prepared for what we experienced.  When we arrived the men and women were divided into two teams and headed to our respective wings.  I think we were all timid and unsure how to proceed but the patients were ready and quickly calling us to their bedsides disrobing and revealing their tired, weary bodies ready for the moisture of the lotion to provide a relief for the heat and the dryness.  The first woman I rubbed lotion on was so frail and thin there was barely more than skin and bones.  I could see despite her thinness she was a beautiful woman and I wondered what her story's and what brought her to the hospital.  She was desperately trying to speak to me even though we didn't share the same language the language of love is universal.  Together our team rubbed lotion on more than 50 people all reporting that it was by far the best part of the day.  I'm never quite sure if were ministering or if were being ministered to.

Our next stop was at the Haitian History Museum where we were hosted by a very knowledgable tour  guide who share with us the History of Haiti and showed us some amazing artifacts from the Crown Jewels to the Anchor of the Santa Maria.  It was helpful for us to understand how Haiti has come to be in its current state.

Next stop Laloo, an orphanage of about 45 children, where Jenny and Tom played with parachutes, Hector played soccer,  Missy drew chalk pictures and Megan and Andrea painted nails, while others passed out balloons and snuggled with children.  Having arriving at lunch and recess time the children were wild and behaved as you'd expect them to behave.  They were curious, mischievous and full of boundless energy.

A quick stop at the guest house and we were off to dinner at Felri, the new restaurant at Grace Village.  The place with hopping with other foreigners and Haitians. We sampled all the delicious appetizers, and pizzas.  Not to mention a Mango Creme Brule that was over the moon! All this was made and served by the graduates of the school at Grace Village.  Were hoping maybe Andrew Zimeraman is reading this for his next food adventure and will come check it out.  My persona favorite was the Buffalo Chicken Pizza and the local favorite Pork Griot, which included citrus braised pork and Pikliz, red onion, scallion and Whole Milk Mozzarella cheese with a white sauce. Seriously amazing. A perfect end to a great day.

Just two more days on this journey and our hearts are full yet there always seems to be room for more.  I know that many of us have had our thoughts challenged, and our perspectives adjusted.  There is so much to learn looking forward to the next few days.