Monday, July 1, 2019

Glorious Sunday in Haiti!

Yes, he is risen!  Does it get any better by starting a Sunday morning with worship in a dynamic praise-filled environment. Both the Healing Haiti teams attended Rendezvous Church today. The music was incredibly joyful. You could just feel the Holy Spirit circling around the room as we felt the excitement of His presence! The pastor shared a message on believing the invisible or just the visible. Can you see beyond your view? Or do you know that God is with you at all times? Unseen, but speaking into us through the Holy Spirit. It was truly a wonderful experience worshiping at Rendezvous with our brothers and sisters in Haiti. One that I want to do again and again in the years to come!
The rest of our Sunday was spent sharing meals together, celebrating with yummy cake in honor of birthdays and anniversaries, shopping, and having our precious team time. At the close of each day we gathered together in a circle and shared our "Word of the Day" and reflected upon it, prayed, and laughed A LOT. This group varied from ages 17 to 61, which was a blessing, for it provided a rich team culture full of beautiful insights and unique perspectives. Each team member exhibited courage, internal strength, and got out of their comfort zone throughout. But isn't that what God calls us to do? He stretches us and encourages us as he whispers to us to do good works in His name.
It has been truly an honor to be the leader of the team. Go in peace and serve the Lord! Glwa pou Bondye (Glory to God).
With all my love,