Wednesday, January 9, 2019

UNW Day 3: Orphanage Visits

     We started the day off by visiting the Metal Market in Croix des Bouquet. The Market consisted of various shops full of beautiful handcrafted metal artwork. As we walked through the various shops, we were able to watch the Haitians create the artwork out of scrap metal. Each piece was intricate and unique in its own way reflecting the artist’s individuality. We were able to purchase pieces to support the artists and their business.

     Our next stop was Dios, which is an orphanage for children with special needs. When we arrived, some of us weren’t completely sure how to interact with the kids. However, within a few minutes we were laughing and having a blast. The kids loved to play soccer, color, and hide and chase one another. The joy radiating from their faces was contagious. Their special needs did not keep them from laughing and smiling with us. It amazed us by how happy they were by doing something as simple as blowing bubbles. Even though we were unable to communicate with them verbally because of the language barrier, simple gestures and facial expressions allowed us to connect with the kids. As devastating as it is to see these kids living in the orphanage, it was encouraging to see that they were well taken care of and loved on by the staff there. Our main priority was to be intentional in how we interacted with the kids to effectively show them the light of Christ. Although we were there to love on and brighten their day, we left feeling loved and filled with joy because of them.  

Our final stop was the Home for Sick and Dying Babies. We split up into two groups each going to a different room. A majority of us went to a very large room with around thirty infants and toddlers in cribs. Right away, we were told to grab food and feed all the children. We were able to then help the Sisters by changing the infant’s diapers. Once fed and changed, we were able to pick them up and give them the love they were longing for. Their eyes looked desperate for love and attention. We were able to satisfy that desire by simply holding them. It was very hard to be in the room with thirty plus kids and only be able to give attention to one or two at a time. It broke our hearts to put them down because you could see the sadness in their eyes. However, we were hopeful because these kids were there to receive the care they needed to get better so they can return home to their families.

 Although this was a challenging day, we were able to take a lot away from what we saw and experienced. We were humbled and grateful to spend time and make an impact on these kids. We were able to reflect on our day and were comforted by God’s never-ending love for His children. The children’s dependence and need for their caretakers reflected our desperate need for the Lord daily. We are so grateful for what today taught us and are excited to see how God moves in the days to come.

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