Monday, February 5, 2018

Day 1 - Travel to serve Haiti with LOVE

Discovery...Release...Challenged...Love...Serve...Trust...just some of the words on our hearts tonight.  And my word for the day was SMOOTH. God's plan for our travel day was perfect!  We got to MSP 3 hours before our flight, as recommended due to Super Bowl traffic. Everyone was on time, and there were no lines at check-in or security.  We were shocked how quickly we got to our gate.  The airport didn't seem to get busy until we got settled:)

There are 12 members on our team, 9 leaving from MSP, and we connected with the Smith's in Atlanta, again, smooth. All our bags made it, easy security, all truly gifts to ease any anxiety and settle us for a big serving day tomorrow.

We were greeted at the guest house by LOTS of dogs and puppies, and delicious sloppy joes.  We are very excited and maybe a bit nervous for our day of serving tomorrow.  Stay tuned for our God sightings and stories of how God is using and stretching us as we step on in TRUST with a flexible spirit!

Barb Brandt