Monday, January 7, 2019

UNW Day 1: A Warm Welcome

Early morning! Rise and Shine!

Today was our travel day to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Even though we had to wake up before the sun, we were really excited to be one step closer to shine our light. During our interesting, bumpy morning, we got the opportunity to understand what patience and depending on God really feels like. In saying this, we experienced some difficulties with a ticket, but it all worked out.  

Once we arrived in Haiti, we could already see the cultural differences. We are excited to learn more about their way of life. We were welcomed by an amazing group of people who are willing to guide us in serving others for God’s glory this week. The Healing Haiti staff showed us around the complex and told us a little about their culture. We also learned about our exciting week ahead and the different ways we get to show God’s love.

            After going through the different responsibilities and settling into our rooms, we can start to feel the house becoming our home for the week. Not only are we learning about God’s love for His people, but we are also learning how to love one another through games and socializing. We got to share the different aspects that we were excited for during our trip and what we think we will have to persevere through personally.

            We are very eager to begin shining our light on our journey ahead!!!