Thursday, June 1, 2017

Kennebec Community Church - June 1st 2017

Today was a relaxation, take-a-break sorta day for our team.

We were blessed to be able to visit Peace Cycle today first off. Peace Cycle is a business in Haiti that is recycling the plastic water bags, and turning them into truly beautiful things such as place mats, purses, wallets, and so much more! In Haiti, on average there are 15 MILLION of these bags used and trashed each day. This business is really doing something that God has already done for us. Like Peace Cycle, God has picked us up from the dirt, washed us clean, and transformed us into beautiful works of art with a purpose! We want to encourage you to check them out at! 

Next we took a beautiful drive up the mountain, overlooking all of Port-Au-Prince. At the top we were able to spend time together as a team, and barter with some of the vendors. It was a great day to be able to be outside and just spend time together as a team. Our team, in only 4 short days, has already established a deep bond. We really consider ourselves like a family now... 

There were several words of the day that were very powerful, yet one resonated more then others; The word that was chosen the most was 'family'. Without a doubt, with Gods sufficient grace we have formed a family. A disfunctional, yet loving, uplifting, and forgiving family. With God as the center of all relationships, we have been able to serve one another in compassion and in love. What a joy it has been to share experiences, trials, emotions and sadness with such an amazing group of people. God has presented Himself through each and every individual on our team, and we have been blessed as a result. Our words of the day were family, perspective, persistent, passion, ingenuity, awe, craftsmanship, valuable, peace, pride, and commitment.  

We are SO blessed!

~Danika & Stephanie