Monday, September 3, 2018

Day 7 - A Break From Burden

       Healing Haiti has been an incredible experience and has changed me for the better. It is unfortunate that often times negative experiences (such as seeing starving and ill children) are the ones that change people the most. It was a real breath of fresh air to be able to simply enjoy the culture of Haiti. We went to the metal market and a restauarant with an unparalleled view of nearly all of the Haitian coast. It was a time of laughter watching some of the team attempt to barter for the first time. Many of us learned that bartering is truly an acquired skill. The laughter we experienced today help us to be more appreciative for the basics aspects of our life such as having money to go shopping or multiple outfits. Nearly all of the children we saw at Cite Soleil were lucky if they had two different shirts or pants, let alone more than one entire outfit. I believe going shopping and eating at a nice restaurant reminded us that they people we just served did not have those privileges. For example, when I was in Cite Soleil I felt so bad for those people, but I didn't think about it as much when I left the field. (anywhere we are serving the less fortunate in Haiti is referred to as the field) Once I returned to that small part of my life at home, it hit me like a storm. The people we serve work tirelessly to barely provide the basics and they rely on us to bring ceratin staples such as water, food and love. They will most likely never be able to go shopping or eat at a fancy restaurant, which is something we take for granted in the United States. We go to restaurants for anything from birthdays, to weddings, funerals, dates or just friendly gatherings. It is important to remember those people and constantly expose ourselves without becoming numb to it. God says that he provides aid when any of his children experience suffering so we have no right to not do the same. We have to laugh and love with those who suffer to ease the suffering. Life is short and we have to laugh to balance out the pain, but the pain is what makes the laughter that much more valuable. 

These (3) photos above show us  the less fortunate and demostrating God's endless love. We were immersed into that small part of their lives, but saw and felt much more of their stories.

These photos above show us enjoying luxuries of life... Haiti style. We went to a phenomonal restaurant called Observatoire. It had delicious food and drinks.

Keep us in your prayers for the last day and for safe journeys back to our families.

God Bless,
Olatunji (Tunji)