Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 26, 2017

Sak Pase(What’s up) Loved ones?

Today was a Wednesday not to forget.  It was water truck day.  What this means is we, our awesome healing Haiti team delivered water to 3 Haitian communities.  We supplied 9,000 gallons of water.  The process included filling up a water truck, following the water truck to the communities, and filling up the people’s buckets with water.  You would have thought the water was liquid gold.  When we first got out of the tap, tap; we were greeted by children with their smiles, hugs, and love.  The love we felt was over-whelming.    People came out of their homes lined up with buckets to get their water for that day.  We helped them transport buckets of water to their homes, helped them place buckets of water on their heads for transport, and helped delegate the filling of the buckets.  Meanwhile, a lot of us were spreading out love and God’s love to the community;)

From this experience, all of us will never look at water the same way again.  We all sat down together at dinner and had a heart-filled discussion about our day and one word to describe it.  Our words to describe this amazing experience included: water, survival, community, justice, protection, support, provision, sweet, revelation, desperate, family, and love.  Each of us had a unique experience that will forever change us.

Thank you Jesus for the love and support you give us every day.  We would have not got through this day without your saving grace.  We were your hands and feet.

Jezi renmen ou (Jesus loves you) and we love all of you too!

PS I love you M&M