Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kennebec Community Church - May 30th 2017

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Today is day two of our Haiti missions trip! At the end of the evening as we collect ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions, experiences, and see God moving in every which way; we breath in and take in all of what God is doing.  Which leads me to the significance of the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Because we have the Holy spirit resinating inside of us, we behold the Holy Spirit and we are in tune with seeing and feeling God in real ways; in very practical ways, very simple ways. Through our acts of service, God is in turn blessing us with humility. We are blessed to see what God is doing through us. Seeing this in very raw, beautiful ways through the elders we served with tears in their eyes. Its never been so beautiful to wash someones feet and serve them in very basic ways. Just like Jesus Christ, we were able to wash feet today, sing to, and pray over the elderly. Such simple things but so powerful! Seeing them light up warms our hearts. Being obedient to God's call has never been so beautiful. God is doing a wonderful work in Haiti through us and what a joy it has been even on the very first day of service. 

As we dig into the day collectively, we are asked to choose one word that spoke to our hearts. For various reasons these words resinated with us: smooth, obedient, simplicity, uplifting, moving, privileged, remember, reality, practical, similar, compassion, smile, reaffirmation, and vision.

How beautiful and amazing it is to hear God speak to you loud and clear even in a place called Titanyen! Which is where we served today, which translates to 'little nothing'. But we are privileged to see what big things God is doing with not only this city, but this country, our hearts, and beyond. Making beauty from ashes, as He always does and will continue to do. 

~ Stephanie & Danika