Saturday, June 9, 2018

Smiles not words

So it’s day 5 into the most eye opening, heart breaking, wonderful week of my life.  If you have ever prayed/sang “LORD, break my heart for what breaks YOURS” Haiti is where HE will show you.  You will see poverty like nothing you’ve probably ever seen.  It will crack your heart through and through.   But our great GOD doesn’t take you into hopelessness and leave you, HE shows you so much more.  I have seen what it truly means to be the hands and feet of GOD… to be the church as GOD meant us to be.  

I have seen the body of CHRIST work TOGETHER here in a way I have never seen back home.  Here the different groups and organizations of CHRISTians support each other with one common goal…  to share the love of GOD.  It’s beautiful.  I don’t want to go home.
  Today we went to the Haiti Deaf Academy.  One of the many places we saw this week where the Body has made a difference.  We played soccer and made tiny stick tents with the boys.  It was so much fun and I pray I never forget the smiles and joy we were flooded with. - Danneda Long

            Haiti is nothing and everything that I imagined. Early on the trip I felt heavy frustration because I saw the direct impact of grief and poverty. What true impact could God use me for in seven days? What am I even doing here? 

Jesus is so faithful and gentle to redirect my focus and remind me; there is no amount of time, funds, jobs, or opportunity that will truly impact— what I didn’t see was: Haitians are strong, capable, and under the providence of Jesus Christ. He sees them, hasn’t left them and is a faithful father to His children. Jesus, only Jesus brings true impact for exactly what His children need, I am here to be a link in a chain of obedience. Obedience in my seven days, as the brother/sister was obedient before me, and the brother/sister who will be obedient after me.

            Understanding I am not responsible for the impact of Haiti has freed my soul to love recklessly, I love this this country and the souls that dwell here. Day 5 was beautiful. - Sierra Schroff