Friday, June 2, 2017

Kennebec Community Church - June 2nd 2017

Heartbroken, but yet so much joy. 

We started our day off at 6 AM by attending a worship service at Church on the Rock. It was powerful and humbling to be blessed to witness the expressive and dedicated faith that the Haitian people have for God. It was an excellent start to our day! It brought us so much joy to be able to witness their faith. 

Today was also an emotional day for our team. Torn between heart break and overwhelming joy... Today was our first and only water truck day. We delivered 12,000 gallons of clean drinking water to Cite Soilel, the poorest slum in our hemisphere. The joy is overwhelming because of the smiles and thankfulness... But the brokenness is deep knowing the depths of their circumstances. 

We want to do so much, yet we can't do anything. By partnering with Healing Haiti we are helping their mission and therefor helping and healing Haiti.. But our hearts crave more! We desire to be able to serve more and give more. 

"Father, we come to you and ask for your peace. We ask you to wrap us up in your comfort where we can trust that you will supply for the beautiful and precious people of Haiti. We know that you are God, we know that you know the depths of their despair and every need they have. You know them by name and you know their hearts because you are the Creator of all. We ask you Father to make your presence so apparent in their lives. Keep their faith strong. Keep them close to your heart. Thank you for blessing this team with the opportunity to love these people with all we have. Thank you God for breaking our hearts for what breaks yours. Our hearts are truly broken for our brothers & sisters in Christ here in Haiti. Please continue to pour out your love and compassion over them. We love you Father, thank you for watching over them and continuing to move mountains in their lives every single day. In Jesus name, Amen." 

Our words of the day were: Love, possibilities, reliance, blessing, Holy Spirit, supplier, thirsty, hands, hungry, humbly, stinkin', dedication, worship, and caring. 

~ Danika & Stephanie