Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Double Cody's Team Healing Haiti Trip Tuesday October 23 2018

Hello interested parties after a challenge on how this blogging biz works, I think the Double Cody's team is up and running.

Monday was arrival day and many woke up really early to fly!  some as early as 1:30 AM.  We met in Atlanta and we all arrived in Haiti Port au Prince around 2:30 pm, and the heat hit us right away!   Getting off the plane they had a band playing.  We made it through customs and we almost lost one piece of luggage when another arrive had similar luggage and took ours by mistake.     We arrived at the guest house and got settled in.  It was great to catch up with friends from previous trips and our local Haitian friends.  We had dinner together ( tacos!) which was prepared by our local chefs who are great.  Then we all went to bed early.   Several of us climbing to the second level of the bunk bed.  
We got up today ready to serve!  It was a crazy busy day and we lost all track of time! Out of the gate, we joined the water truck team to provide "dlo" (Creole for Water) to the poorest of the poor in our part of the world. Prior to the Water day we dropped in on the Elder School one of Healing Haiti's first partners to provide educational opportunities for the children of Cite Soleil.   

We all get excited about stopping to distribute water to Cite Soleil residents.. They were waiting to get water with their water buckets, large and small, It’s always so crazy. The kids are so excited to see us!  Always wanting us to carry them. And we help carry buckets of water which are very heavy. It was really hot today.

After one of the water stops, we found ourselves right next to Hope school. Our first experience was a demonstration on the launching of the use of the latest in technology to teach the students of Hope School.  It was truly amazing and the vision of teaching kids was very impressive.

Next Stop was Fleuri farms - we were given an introduction in what HH hopes to do just a mile and a half from ‘hustling’ water from the back of a truck. Their goal, in addition to earning trust of locals, is to work on soil quality, increasing productivity and to add crops that would complement what is already functioning. The goal is partnership in order to provide sustainable livelihoods for locals and to market products to locals and international trade.

We ended the day with a walk to the wharf and got a view of mountains, water and misty clouds in between. All of God’s glory...