Tuesday, January 15, 2019

SV Day Two- PeaceCycle, Papillon, Home for sick and dying Babies. 1-15-19

Today we had a wave of emotions. From learning how the Haitian people take their biggest problem and sell it, to loving on sick children.

We started off visiting the Peace Cycle which is a job creation company that reuses plastic bags that contain water. They use 8 million bags a day and it is thrown anywhere as trash. With their hard work they turn those bags into fashion bags, bibs, pencil pouches, and so much more. The resilience of the Haitian people is so inspiring and the pride they put into building up their country is so powerful.
After visiting Peace Cycle we visited Papillon Enterprises, which is another job creation company that helps parents work while keeping their children in school and daycare. They have a boutique that sells their hand-made beautiful Jewelry, handbags, and stuffed animals. We had a chance to see how they make all of the merchandise where many men and women that work so hard to provide for their families.

Lastly, we visited the Home for sick and dying Babies and nothing could've prepared us enough for what we experienced in that building. We each had our own experiences, but wouldn't change it for anything. We all connected with the children in ways God can only explain and poured as much love into them as we could. Being there, some of us had to learn and accept that we need to trust God in these moments. Even though things look so bad and it doesn't seem fair, we must remember that God has a plan and He knows what He's doing.

God Bless!