Tuesday, July 31, 2018

For His Glory in Sweet Home and Papillon

This morning, we had a delicious  breakfast of scrambled eggs, French toast, oatmeal, fruit, juice, and coffee. Then we loaded up the tap tap and headed to our first stop: No Place Like Home - Sweet Home Orphanage.

This orphanage is sponsored primarily by a Baptist church in Texas. They began after the earthquake in 2010, trying to adopt kids, but now they also house and educate kids whose parents cannot support them
 They can care for about 30 kids from infants on up. They have a preschool and nursery on site with 24 hour nursing and doctor on call. They are building a new building to be able to house 50 more kids, and they need additional funding to complete that.

At this stop, we brought out the parachute, the bubbles, and a few balls. This stop was one of the highlights of the day for many on our team. James, Ian, Dave, and Scott kicked the balls around. The rest of us held the littlest ones and helped them blow bubbles.

We were able to introduce ourselves and ask their names. One little boy in very clear English said "My name is Mose". 

These kids loved being held, playing with us, and having their photos taken. One little girl, Addasaba, took a photo of Scott.

Anastasia learned her name is difficult for the kids to say.

After we left,  James, Ian, and Thomas said it was the best thing they did today.

Our next stop was at Papillon. Papillon was founded in 2007 by a woman who came to Haiti to adopt a child and learned that the child's parents were alive and just couldn't take care of it. So she started a company that makes jewellery, metal art, dolls, pottery  bath products, tee shirts, bags, and other items. Today the company employs over 400 people in their facilities, and the employees have on-site daycare and preschool, with parents able to nurse and play with their children during the workday. The sewing team alone supports 21 children!

After our tour, we went to their cafe for smoothies and pizza. Then we shopped.
Amie, Julie, Ellie, Scott, and Anastasia thought this stop was a highlight of the day.

Our last stop was a visit to another orphanage, For His Glory.At this one, we also brought out the jump ropes and sidewalk chalk. Most of the littlest ones just wanted to be held. We had such fun with them. Dave and Lindsey thought this was their favorite thing of the day because the kids were more engaging even though they didn't speak as much.

When we got back to the guesthouse, some went to the pool and some stayed back and napped. After dinner and word of the day,  and a break for cribbage and relaxing, we had a slideshow of photos so far, and our devotions.

Maggie's favorite thing today was seeing all of the goats, Celeste's was riding in the tap tap and seeing all the townspeople, and Karil's was speaking French to everyone and learning the Creole words.

Tomorrow, we go to Titanyen!