Saturday, January 12, 2019

UNW Day 6: WAHOO we had Fun in the Sun!

To wrap up and reflect on our week in Haiti, we went to Wahoo Bay. Once we arrived, we all piled into a small row boat to go snorkeling. For many of us this was our first time and it was an amazing experience. We got to see Dory and her friends along with beautiful coral reefs. On the way back we saw a couple jellyfish. After reapplying sunscreen (you’re welcome mom), we enjoyed a relaxing game of sand volleyball. Throughout the day each of us were able to relax in our own way, whether that be reading, laying in the sun, playing in the water and on the trampoline, or taking in the beautiful views. Each of these things allowed us to bond and grow closer together. Before we left Wahoo Bay, we took advantage of the breathtaking view and had a mini photo session with our “Be The Light” shirts.

Although we enjoyed a fun day in the sun, it also allowed each of us to reflect on the challenging and life-changing week of serving. There was a main focal point on God’s creation specifically compared to what we have seen this week, which included a lot of poverty. It was refreshing to the see the “other side of the penny” and how beautiful God intended His creation to be. It can be easy to think of Haiti as a country full of poverty but in reality, there are breathtaking views and beauty in the Haitians living here. Though the Haitians have little in regards to material things, their hearts are so full of joy from the Lord. Instead of focusing on the little that they have, Haitians are grateful for what God has provided for them and only look to praise Him. Another reflection we had was seeing the changes in Haiti because of the organization Healing Haiti. Their work through Hope Village and Grace Village has provided a sense of hope for all Haitians in years to come. 

Being able to experience life in Haiti would not have been possible without our coaches. We are so grateful to have coaches that, first and foremost, love the Lord and want to make God and serving others a priority in our lives. Not only have the Haitians changed our lives, but our coaches have helped shape us to live a life that reflects Christ. We will always be thankful for what we have experienced here in Haiti and the memories that will last forever. This trip would not have been as impactful and fun without our awesome translators and drivers that traveled with us each day. They allowed us to get the most out of this trip and are friends we will never forget. Our stay in Haiti was nothing short of great because of the amazing staff we had. We were well fed and taken care of each day and are so grateful for everyone who had a part in our trip. We will miss you Haiti!