Saturday, January 18, 2020

Day 6 - Mountain Day

Hello, friends and family! First off, I want to thank you so much for being on this journey with us by reading the blogs. Thank you for supporting us, praying for us, and thinking about us.
Well, we woke up to another beautiful day and a delicious breakfast, followed with getting ready for our adventurous day.
We left shortly after breakfast, off to the mountains. Our ride to the mountains was filled again with laughter, joy, love, and bonding with one another, enjoying the scenic drive.
As we were driving up the mountains, the scenery, the culture, the view, the homes, all the stores, food on the side of the street, people walking everywhere, cars all around, all the music, people talking, and cars honking--it was beyond beautiful.
Our first stop was about 30 miles southeast of Port-au-Prince in a village called Kenscoff, at a church where they do after school and weekend activities for the kids. The elevation at this point in the mountains was 5,032 feet high! When we were first getting there, we all had to go to the bathroom. Because they didn’t have one there, a very kind man let us go to his home. We got there, all lined up, when a little boy came in with the man and got chairs for us, putting them in a circle for us to sit. We were so honored and felt right at home. What thoughtful, kind-hearted people they were.
We went back to where we had to back up in a very tight road and walked down to where the kids were all sitting, singing. It was angelic--so sweet and pure. Then it was time for games, and as we were pulling out the games, none of them hesitated to come up and join It was as if we had all known each other. There were kids in the corner playing some instruments, followed with some dancing, singing, and jumping for joy.
As we left there, leaving with prayer, hugs, and goodbyes, we went on a long, windy, bumpy drive even further up the mountain where we got to a farm where a lady makes homemade coffee and grows her own coffee beans.

While some went hiking, some stayed behind to enjoy the freshly brewed coffee. The lady of the house came out and started shelling beans out of pods. Those who stayed behind quickly asked if she needed help. She immediately said yes and turned it over to them. A competition quickly ensued, and they all raced to see who could shell the most beans. In the end, it was just so much fun, and they finished quickly. A little while later, they noticed her with a big bag, shelling different beans, and the ladies quickly jumped in once more to help her finish her work. She was very grateful and told them that she was the only woman at that property, which meant that she had a lot of work to do by herself with no help. We all truly believe God provided that divine appointment for those who stayed back in order to serve someone who deserved help and a well-timed break during her day.
The rest of us got to go hiking on the mountain with some other Haitians who led us. Walking down was beautiful with the mountains surrounding us and people's homes here and there. You could see rows where people garden on the hill, so perfectly lined by one another. We arrived at our destination, which entailed a waterfall down the rocks, going into a pool of water where we got to jump in. It was freezing cold and a shock to our bodies, but it was worth every second.

We left and walked back up the mountain, getting back to the coffee shop and together with the rest of our team.
Soon, we headed back down the mountain where some of us started to sing “Lean On Me” while we just reflected on the day, the scenery, God's creation, and the surroundings. It was a day we will never forget.

Following our meal of delicious Haitian spaghetti, we gathered for the night, sharing our word of the day, looking at the pictures, worshiping, and reading devotions, where we got to hear one another’s hearts, come closer, bond, laugh, and sing.
This week has gone by so fast but we are staying in this moment, cherishing every second, and basking in His love.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and God bless!