Monday, October 24, 2016

KCC Day #1

"Ringgggg"... That was the sound we all heard at about 2 AM this morning to start off our day. Barely awake I turned off my alarm, as I'm sure everyone else on my team did as well. A little frustrated to be waking up in the middle of the night at first, until.... we realize that today is October 24th, and that means the start of a week long adventure of stepping out in faith, coming face to face with new experiences, and truly being the hands & feet of Jesus. 

After flying from Portland to Philadelphia to Ft. Lauderdale to Port-au-Prince, butterfly's in my stomach from the built up excitement, we finally land in Haiti.  What an eventful day we have already had!! Restroom...check, immigration... check, baggage.... check! And now welcome to the tap tap! Smiling faces offering help from all angles, all cramming in the tap tap, winding roads, children running along side, crisp dirt in the air, and lots and lots of goats... Haiti welcomes us with a somewhat familiar home-like vibe, and God's presence fills the atmosphere. We had a fantastic dinner and a deep testimonial time. I can't even imagine how bonded our team will be by the end of this week.

Striking, Surreal, finally, powerful, beautiful, creation, inspiring, expectant. Those are the words from today when we asked our team to think of one word to describe their day. Today was a big day, and the rest of the week should be even better. Please keep us in your prayers this week! 

- Danika & Stephanie