Wednesday, June 6, 2018

New Friends

Today was a day full of growth for me. Being my fourth time in Haiti, I have been a little desensitized to all the hurt and hardship. And while of course I’m not wishing for heartache, I do want God to continue to move my heart for these people and think and pray for them when I go home. So I am continually praying for growth and the Lord to open my eyes throughout the rest of this trip.
Another area of growth for me today was not going to the hospital for sick and dying babies. The past three years, you couldn’t have stopped me from going for anything. But this year, God really put in on my heart to sacrifice my spot to someone else and opt to go to Le Faire, an orphanage we frequently visit. We went last year, and I got to hold the cutest little meatball (what I call the Haitian babies) in my lab the whole time. This year, I got to see her again, and she was walking and talking and just had the cutest, sassiest personality. It is so amazing to see all these children grow up and be loved, and to see God move and grow in me. In the end, I am so incredibly grateful to be able to sit on a chalk--filled floor, playing tic-tac-toe with kids and sit in love with them.
I will always love Haiti and I feel so incredibly blessed to continue to grow my relationships with the many people here. Au’revior, cheri.   Dani

Just Breathe….
After 2 days of travel and minimal sleep, today was my day to soak it in and just breathe. Such a beautifully well-rounded day.
My day began with a play date with the children in the city. We played with bubbles, learned Haitian games, and made friends with some amazing teens. As Sarah came to get me to go on elder visits, a teen girl pleaded with her to leave me there…I was tempted to stay.
I am so thankful I resisted the temptation. I was able to meet 3 elders of the community that were a part of a new pilot program Healing Haiti just started. We brought them a hot meal and prayed for them. Pastor Jocelin has such a heart for the elders. He told then that he promised them that he would come with visitors and he keeps his promises.
Our next stop was to Le Faire Orphanage. Mama and Papa have 17 children that they love and care for. The children were so polite and loved well. I made eye contact with a young man, about 8 years old, that reminded me of my son Jonathan. He was bashful and stayed away from me the entire time---I might have scared him with my coaxing. As we were saying our goodbyes, I was hugging 3 little girls at the same time, he ran to me and busted through the girls and squeezed me. My heart melted.
My Haitian experiences today brought about such a peace that God never leaves or forsakes us. We are His hands and feet. HE loves the Haitians and I was blessed to see it today. --Michelle