Monday, April 17, 2017

Day number 1

We all arrived with two groups, one from Hilmar/Turlock CA, after a long, but smooth overnight flight, and the second group from MN, with perfect travel results. It was exciting to meet the new people we had traveling from CA, and out precious two friends from our last joint trip together. Yes, we are all tired from the travel but moreso, we are excited for what the week will bring and what God has planned for our team. It is warm and humid, with traces of rain, but we are enjoying each other already so much, we don't notice anything but the love of Jesus we are ready to share with all that we encounter. Stay tuned for tomorrow, as day one with water truck etc. We can't wait!  The internet is super sketchy, so if you don't see a note it only means we gave up sitting to connect, but check back daily and we'll try to keep you updated.
In His love,    Al