Thursday, November 21, 2019

Wayne & Smith: Thursday Kenscoff & Furcy

Thursday, November 21st

Today the team got a chance to visit with the elders in a farming community outside of Kenscoff.  We delivered food to them, we put lotion on their dry skin, gave them massages and prayed over them. Many times, this population is overlooked. Our first visit left an impression on our entire team that we will never forget.  The elder we visited is the father-in-law of the pastor from the local church. He was in a lot of pain and very frail. His skin soaked up the lotion as fast as we were putting it on him. Even though he was in pain, he still managed to smile showing his beautiful dimples. When he was told he had a great smile his smile grew even bigger. The most amazing surprise to the team was when he reached for is harmonica on the bench near him and started to play for us. His music was just as beautiful as his smile. 

So often we wake up and grab a cup of coffee either from our coffee pots in our kitchens or from Starbucks. Today the team got a chance to see firsthand the process of making coffee.  We visited a home where they grow and pick their own coffee beans, they grill them over a fire, muddle and pound the beans, sift it, and brew it. We each had a chance to muddle/pound the beans, which was so much fun. We all enjoyed the most delicious cup of coffee we have ever had.  The coffee gave us the energy we needed to hike to a waterfall.  The beauty we saw today can not be put into words and the pictures can’t capture the feeling we had of being surrounded by the most amazing scenery in Haiti.