Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Finally Here

Hello everyone!

God is good!  After many traveling bumps in the road, we have finally reached Haiti!  Due to being unable to land in Port au Prince on Monday evening, we ended up spending last night at a hotel in San Juan.  We also spent some time in Santo Domingo, waiting on the plane for repairs to the lights in Haiti.  We arrived here in beautiful, hot and humid Haiti this afternoon. 

After getting settled in quickly, we were able to spend a couple hours at The Home for Sick and Dying Babies.  It put all the frustrations we had experienced traveling immediately to rest.  We were able to feed children, love these adorable little creatures of God, and reflect on just how beautiful these kids are...this is why we are here!  We all found it to be heart breaking, humbling, and the best way we have ever spent an afternoon! 

Will keep this brief, as we all got two hours of sleep last night.  Due to the grace of God, however, we are all still getting along and being patient with one another!  Just wanted to let you know we are finally here, and so thrilled to be blessed with this incredible experience.  Please continue to pray for us, for open hearts and open minds, safety, and for the strength and peace we will need while striving to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Blessings, Cary