Friday, April 6, 2018

First Lutheran Church Day 5

Day 5! How does that even seem possible!

We started our day out by attending Church! What an experience, to see the holy spirit alive in so many people here was amazing and a lot of us felt so much relief. Relief knowing that God is changing lives here right in front of our own eyes. We walked back to the guest house from church, which was fun to see the "streets" of Haiti.

We headed out to go to Titanyen. A little town where Healing Haiti built Grace Village, Grace Church, Grace Shool and Fleri Bakery and restaurant. On our way we stopped at the mass grave site which is a large area at the foot of the mountains where 100's of thousands of people are buried from the earth quake that happened in 2010. They have a large memorial and then up on top of the mountain in the distance stood a bunch of crosses! How amazing!

We headed to get a tour of Fleri Bakery where they make bread and wholesale it to the community to sell on the streets. They also sell the bread in retail.. The whole theory behind the job creation is so great. They employ 26 people alone at the bakery and the restaurant employs the Haition teenagers to wait tables and serve the food!

We had 4 elders ( Older adults in the Titanten Community) that we got the pleasure of visiting  today.  When we visit them we bring them a hot meal, a water bottle with cold water, juice, and a care package with some personal items and some snacks. We sing to them while they get their feet  and hands washed. We sang songs like, this little light of mine, amazing grace, O My Soul and Jesus loves me! Mollee was a excellent leader at this! Before we leave we ask them for their prayer requests and pray over them!

 We started with Marcia. When we showed up she was raising her arms in the air  and was so happy to see us! She said she had been waiting for us to come and was quickly finding a chair to sit down on so that we could wash her hands and feet and massage her back with lotion. When that was finished we painted her nails and toe nails! While doing all of this we sang songs to her!!!! Marcias prayer was for her family, kids, grandkids and for her spirit!

We then moved to Edmund, this sweet man oh my soul! He is blind and almost all the way deaf but he was so happy we were there! The best part about this visit was when we gave him the cold water and he took his first drink and said "ahhhhhh" it tasted soo good! Edmund's prayer requests were for less pain and to not be bored. He lays in bed because he cannot see or hear and he gets bored. He expressed he was in a lot of physical pain.

We visited two other elders and then headed back to Grace village to get a tour of the school and orphanage! All the work that healing Haiti has done here is amazing and the views are a bonus for sure!!!!

Tomorrow is our last water truck day along with our visit to Dios Special needs orphanage!