Friday, May 19, 2017

Kara & Karen's Team - Day 5: Love Needs No Translation

Our fifth day started off different from the rest of the days so far here in beautiful Haiti. As one body (our whole team), went to a church called church on the rock this morning. This made it so that our day was filled up in the morning with The Holy Spirit. Haitian worship is something that is hard to put into words until you experience it. Even though we were all up at the crack of dawn (literally), it’s what got our team through the day. It’s safe to say that you could really feel God’s presence moving in this place and it was very clear during this church service.

After the church service we went back and had yet another wonderful breakfast prepared to us by the beautiful and hard-working Healing Haiti guest house ladies. Soon after breakfast, it was finally time to start the day that we had all been waiting for. WATER TRUCK DAY AND WHAT A BLESSING TO ALL. We stopped at three different locations and each stop was very new. Our team is still processing it all but there is a reason it wasn’t on Tuesday but on Friday instead. Our plan isn’t always what God has in store and His is always greater. Today is a great example of that. The church service in the morning filled us up so that we could pour out God’s love in the afternoon to the Haitian people. In between stops we went to Hope church in Cite Soleil. This isn’t an ordinary church, because it was built on a garbage landfill. Only God could do such an incredible thing and this is just what Cite Soleil needed. God has a plan for everything and it was amazing to see even in all of the midst of pain and suffering that a church like Hope church can bring so much Hope to God’s people. Our team also got to see the ocean and many of the Haitian children followed us there. We were surrounded all day with water- spiritually and physically. This day may have been one of the hardest, but it was so awesome to see how God unfolded His love for His children through out the whole day today. 

Blessing these people with water was a splitting image of what being the hands and feet of Jesus really looks like. It almost seems so surreal to believe it, but it’s a day that brought our team closer, and challenged us to go out of our comfort zones. When we are completely out of our comfort zones, it is the perfect time when God allows us to grow so much spiritually and that truly unfolded today in each and everyone of us. 

We ended our day with a well prepared spaghetti dinner, once again by the lovely guest house ladies. We also had some more team bonding time and prayed over some team members for holy discontent. If you could continue to lift our team up in prayer, and also Haiti as a whole. This definitely hasn’t been an easy week but it’s one that is continuing to mold us into who we are supposed to be. Jesus is the light to what may seem like a broken land at times. In the next few days, pray for God to continue to use us and shape us in new ways and that we can bring all of this back and let God use us in what might seem like ordinary Minnesota. After all, God hand picked each and everyone one of us to come all the way to beautiful Haiti to be His hands and feet.

Thank you so much for your continued love and support.

anpil benediksyon (many blessings in Haitian Creole)