Thursday, September 13, 2018

Day 4 : Grace Village, Elder Visits & Fleri Bakery ( Serenity Village Community Church )

This morning as we awoke from such an amazing fulfilled day the night before, we were ready and refreshed to await for what this day had to bring. We all gathered around in the living room for a devotional and then gathered around the table for an amazing delicious breakfast, with some great shared laughs and prayer to start our days off just right. Our first stop was Mass Graves Memorial where thousands of people have been buried after the hurricane in 2010. As we were walking through there, you could feel the heaviness but also see all the beauty that they made of it. We then went to Grace Village which is a school, K-13 that was the most beautiful place where there was so much color in the place, so much smiles and laughs as you saw the kids learning and having all these opportunities to learn and grow. You could feel the appreciation and joy in that place as we got a tour of it. Watching the kids play on the playground was heartwarming. And the view was nothing short of spectacular.

The village right near Grace Village, is where we first stopped to care and love on 2 elderly married couple who were such a light. They were so beyond grateful that we were there to care for them, love on them and pray on them. As each of us helped wash their feet, their hands, massage their hands and pray over them you could feel the holy spirit so thick in that place. That will forever hold a spot in our hearts as every moment here forever will. And as we walked out our hearts felt full filled. We then drove to a family where we met these 2 sisters who were all smiles and joy. Their family welcomed us in there as if they have known us before. They both sat down next to each other as we then washed their feet, washed their hands, care and love on them. Looking up at their faces, with such joy and appreciation. You could see God in all of it. We all enjoyed caring on them, loving on them and praying over them and hearing the man translate our prayer to them was really amazing and powerful. For them to let us come into their homes, not knowing us, feeling so welcomed and like you are just at home is such a blessing and nothing short of a miracle.

Being around the people here in Haiti, seeing the country here has been so amazing. You see God every where, in everything, in everyone. Its like you feel right at home, you forget you're on a mission trip because its just what you do. It's what Jesus did, helping others, loving on others, caring on others, praying on others and that's what I see our team doing every single day. And not just the people here in Haiti but with each other. We lean on one another for support, for strength, for encouragement; its comfortable, it feels like a family. And now as we are winding down reflecting on our day we are ever so grateful for this opportunity, one another, and most importantly spreading the love into the Haitians. Thank you so much for your continued prayers, continued support, continued love and for reading this and being on this journey with us. God bless you and have an amazing night.
Jenna and The Team