Friday, July 5, 2019

Grace Village and Elder Visits

The day started early with a visit to Church on the Rock.   It was wonderful to worship God along with our Haitian brothers and sisters even though we didn't speak the same language.  Then it was back to the guest house for breakfast that consisted of french toast, scrambled eggs, bananas, avwan (oatmeal) and passion fruit juice.   Next we loaded the tap tap and headed to Titanyen to do elder care ministry.  What this involved was to bring them food, snacks, juice, and water to 3 special ladies.  Then we got to love on them by washing their feet, rubbing lotion on their arms, hands and feet and painting their nails. While some of our team were doing this others sang songs, helped hand washing laundry and played with kids.  Before we left each shared prayer requests and we were able to pray for and over them.  Truth be told they blessed us as much as we blessed them.  Then it was off to Grace Village to tour the ministry there.  The village has a school, clinic, farm and family style housing for the orphans to stay in.  All this emphasizes Healing Haiti's slogan:  The world is a better place where families are strengthened.  After this we went to Rosie's to get some frozen/cold treats and to look at hand made items for sale.   Then it was off to Fleri for a tour of the bakery and restaurant.  Fleri is creole for flourish.  Their ministry has created many jobs and ways for families to support themselves and therefore stay together.  At the end of the tour we got to enjoy their incredible pizza.  When traveling back and forth to the different places it has been fun to get to interact with our translators and drivers...they help us with communicating and to safely navigate the busy streets.  They are also a wealth of information about the country of Haiti.  Once we were back every one did quick showers and then we had team time.  It started out watching a slide show of the days pictures, followed by a devotional on the word flourishing.   It is amazing to see how the different aspects of ministry are growing and meeting needs.  We ended our team time with word of the day.

Jill - opportunity
Noah - job creation
Todd - powerful
Jorja - scenery
Stephanie - care
Donna - praise
Janae - traffic
Samantha - sweet
Karlee - family
Sierra - pizza
Lauren - new experiences
Jessica - flourish
Hallie - delicious
Carter - neighbor
Netti - openness (to change)

~Todd and Nettie