Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday water truck day

Good evening from Haiti! We made it safely.

Tuesday Day Two 4.4

We started the day off with lots of energy from a great nights sleep. We enjoyed a nice breakfast of french toast, eggs, oatmeal (Andrea's favorite) and homemade juice. After eating we cleaned up dishes and boarded the tap tap (the open bus we take) for our first stop- the elder's school! When we walked in we were greeted by Elder himself, who started the school for the children of Haiti. He welcomed us with open arms and was very thankful that we came to visit. We walked through a classroom of young boys and girls as they sang us a song. We then walked upstairs and spent time with some of the "older" students along with some younger. The younger kids enjoyed playing "bloody knuckles" while the older kids loved asking us questions about our English. We hopped on the tap tap and traveled to Hope Church which was recently built by Healing Haiti. We received a tour from Valerie our translator/driver and ate lunch. From here, we went to water truck location one of 3. Immediately children ran up to the tap tap yelling "hey you!" in excitement. We could not walk anywhere without children wanting to be held and loved! Overall, we delivered approximately 6,000 gallons of clean water for the people of cite solei to use for drinking, bathing, and cooking. This was a great time to bond with the Haitians and put our work into perspective. After the last two stops we went to tour Haiti Soccer Initiative, another place Healing Haiti supports. This is a place where they can get sponsored and eventually make a living out of the work that they put in. We ended the night with a few of us getting ice cream at a local grocery store and team bonding. The weather has been hot but with an occasional nice breeze. We are excited about what God has in store for all of us tomorrow! God bless!
Love, Mady and Jess ❤

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EBC Woodbury team update

Good evening all! We've had a wonderful day serving with the Water Truck in Citi Sole and visiting H.I. and Elders School.
Our internet has been a little off, so hopefully we can post more tonight from the crew. Keep those prayers coming❤

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