Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rockpoint Students: LaLoo's + Observatoire up the Mountain (Day 6)

Good morning from Haiti,

Today we have another long day ahead of us. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go to an orphanage, LaLoo. When we first got there they were eating peanut butter sandwiches and having some juice. While they were eating we were able to sing to them. After we played with them. They loved how we were engaged with tons of games, and making them laugh with the littlest things. Our group guide, Jonas, had us group together and sang, show us your "jainga" (moves). All of the little kids started to enter the middle and they danced their hearts out. Then we went inside to teach them "This little light of mine." We made hand motions to the song lyrics. It was good because there were a few kids that weren't able to hear.

After that we left and started to drive up to the mountain. Driving up to the mountain was a beautiful site because you could look out and see much of Haiti as well as the ocean. As we went up the mountain, it was interesting to notice the contrast between the higher elevations and things down at sea level. The higher we got, the more well off people seemed compared to the poverty in places like Cite Soleil. The contrast in the agriculture was also interesting as the vegetation grew thicker and more beautiful the higher we went. When I was looking out of the view it felt that there was hope because of the obvious way God was providing for people and how they presented themselves. It was clear that God was looking out for everyone and he has a plan.

We were able to go bartering with the Haitians. There was many paintings and little things that they made. After we came back to guest house we got dinner and swam at the pool. We had our group time and one of the Haitian guys taught us how to salsa and square dance. It was a blast. Yesterday impacted me because of how much God showed in my eyes that he doesn't want his people to hurt, but to give them hope that there is a plan.

Now we are off to Grace Village for church!