Friday, August 24, 2018

Day 4: There is no one like Jesus

Psalms 29:1

“Honor the Lord, you sons of God; honor the Lord for the glory of His name. Worship the Lord in the splendor of His Holiness.”

  This morning our team woke up extra early to go to church. This was another special day on our journey here with God in Haiti. The church was full of people pouring out their hearts to Jesus. He said to come to Him with thanksgiving in our hearts and that is exactly what we saw and felt. Brothers and sisters in Christ were praying, singing, and dancing unto Him. The pastor was on His knees praying. We were captivated by the Presence of God. After seeing a lot of pain, poverty, struggles, and other hard things, we were filled with hope seeing all of our Haitian brothers and sisters giving praise to God in the midst of it all. Our Holy God has shown Himself mightily in their lives. We are in awe of who Jesus is. There is no one like our God.

  After church and breakfast with our new family, we went to visit a memorial dedicated to the victims of the earthquake that happened in 2010. It is called Mass Graves. When the earthquake happened, Haitians did not know what to do. They ran into buildings thinking that would protect them not knowing it would put them in more harm. Buildings fell on top of people and many Haitians died that day. All of the bodies were brought to this memorial site and buried. They have made it beautiful on top and once every year meet together there. A memorial service is held for the lives that were lost. After the earthquake a lot of Haitians lived in tents because they lost their houses. God showed us the resilience of these people.

  Grace village started through Healing Haiti is making a big difference in the community. Grace village is a place that takes in children and gives them education.They also have a library and technology room for the children. One of the cheapest medical clinics around is in Grace Village. They also offer dental services. They built a restaurant to help Haitians learn job skills. This restaurant helps the community out and supplies an income to many Haitian workers. It gives them joy and a sense of pride to be able to provide for their families and their children’s education all on their own. We learned about the restaurant and got to taste the yummy food. Grace Village also ministers to the elders nearby.

  We took lunch to some of the elderly men and women. Some of us were pushed out of their comfort zone and were surprised that they were able to do what they were uncomfortable with. We washed and put lotion on the feet, legs, arms, and backs of the elderly. Jesus first demonstrated this humbling experience in John 13:1-17. We painted the nails of the elder women and young girls. The elders had smiles and joy radiating from them. We were able to dance with one of the elder men. He loved it and so did we! Seeing their joy gave us hope because even though they have weak bodies and tough situations they still smile and praise Jesus. We blessed them but they also blessed us.

  God is extravagant in all He does. He goes above and beyond. Today we/ve seen things that only Jesus can do. There is no one like Jesus. What other God speaks back to us, lavishes us with love, provides above and beyond all we ask and need? What other God leaves His throne and washes our feet? There is no other God, there is only one- Jesus.

~ <3 ~ Michaela