Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Hosanna Student Ministries Day 2!

Hey guys it's Nicole from the Haiti team! Today we went to two orphanages, one of which was a orphanage for special needs children. The orphanages we went to were called Laphare and Dios. We got to preform a little faith skit about Jesus multiplying five loaves of bread and two fish into enough for everyone to eat. Afterwards we gave them bags of goldfish since goldfish is both fish and bread related. We spent the rest of our time with them coloring, jumping rope, and playing intense ball games like soccer and "keep it up." They basically creamed us in soccer. We had so much fun with them it was hard to say goodbye when it was time to leave. After the orphanages we stopped at a super market and we got a chance to buy a fun soda that we can't get in the US. Since we have been back at the guest house, we have been singing songs, taking naps, and bonding with each other. It's almost dinner time and we are having garden rice! More updates are on the way, stay tuned!