Monday, July 17, 2017

Blog No.1

Hi everybody,

Josh Cornes (and Chad Dezeeuw, ish) here coming at you from Haiti on our first day on the mission trip. Things have gone smoothly with no problems at all, praise Jezi!! We set out dark and early this morning to arrive at the airport at 3:30. Fortunately no one was late and bags got through safe and fast. And luckily their was not only one, but two Starbucks at the airport, so the half alive teenage girls were quickly up and ready for the long day ahead. 17 hours later the coffee has started to wear off and everyone is heading for a hopeful goodnight sleep for an exciting adventure and new experiences for the lot of the group. Even though its a daunting thought and different to what a lot of the group is used to, all seem bursting with anticipation and ready for what lies ahead with creating new memories, building relationships, changing lives, and spreading His love and grace.
Tomorrow we are off to a fairly new orphanage partner called Sweet Home, then off to a place called Apparent Project where Haitians sell homemade products. However, I won't give away too much now as I will let the bloggers tomorrow discuss all the exciting activities and adventures we encounter throughout the day 2.

For more exciting pictures visit the St. Michael's Lutheran Church Bloomington, MN Facebook group.