Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Mother/Daughter Healing Haiti Trip 2019: Day 2

After an amazing first day, our team was ready for our first water truck stops in Cite Soleil.  We woke up to the sweet smell of pancakes and a beautiful breakfast prepared by our lovely Haitian staff.  After our morning devotion, we headed on the Tap Tap with Wilbear and Jonas to the water station and met the Healing Haiti truck.  As we followed the truck into stop Four Coffins we were greeted by hundreds of children yelling "hey you."  They had pure joy and excitement and could hardly wait for us to get off the tap tap, it was overwhelming yet we were so excited to share God's love.

Our time at the first water stop brought many hugs, kisses, photos from the beautiful Haitian children.  At this stop and all the others to follow we were amazed by the strength of the Haitian women.  They carried buckets of water on their heads while carrying children back and forth to their homes.  Their inner and outer strength is truly amazing and we were fortunate to work alongside of them, helping them carry buckets and children!

Image result for haiti women carry buckets
Between the 2 water stops we were able to tour Hope School, Church and Clinic.  These were built by Healing Haiti to help the people of Cite Soleil.  They are amazing buildings especially knowing that they were built on what use to be land to dump trash.  We visited children in the classrooms who were in summer camp.  They have great resources with a sewing room and computer lab.  The clinic was created for the people of Cite Soleil and provides very good healthcare for a very low cost.

The second water stop brought us to Napoule where we again held lots of children and helped carry and fill buckets of water. 

The second half of our day brought us to Mother Theresa's.  It was a very emotional visit as we helped feed and care for babies who were experiencing health issues.  Mother Theresa's is a wonderful place that takes in babies that are sick and nurses them back to health.  After we helped feed the babies we were able to play in the park or just hold and love them in our arms.

Our night ended with another wonderful meal together, team time and another early bedtime!

With love,
The Bergs, Carlsons, Glinkskis, Larsons, Roders, Maci and Jaci