Thursday, January 11, 2018

Haiti Day 2 - Living Water

The second day did not start as early as the first, but we ended the day just as tired! After a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and eggs made by the Healing Haiti staff, we hopped into the tap tap (vehicle) and headed off to work. Our first stop was the water distribution center. This is where the trucks were filled with water to be delivered to different parts of the city. When the Healing Haiti truck was full, we went to our first stop of the day. Each stop that we distributed water at was in City Seoul. This is the poorest area of Haiti. The water poured out of a hose connected to the truck. We had team members handling the hose and other members passed buckets down the line. Others helped people carry buckets to their homes and played with the kids. It was a busy, chaotic day, but was not short of any love. Between stops, we had lunch at Hope Church while the water truck refilled. This is a new church where children sponsored through Healing Haiti attend school. While we were eating our lunch, a few kids (who were most likely supposed to be in class) came over say hello. They were a little shy at first, but within ten minutes were sitting on our laps and showing off their school workbooks. We then toured the area around Hope Church. During our second and third stops we went to Fleri Farms. This is farm ground was recently purchased by Healing Haiti that will provide jobs, produce, and opportunity for the Haitians. Crops grown there include mangos, coconuts, sugarcane, and plantains (just slightly different from in the U.S.!). Then we hopped back into the tap tap and went to our third and final stop. This location was on a pier along the ocean.

We were able to distribute water to people in the neighborhood at each stop. Approximately 3,000 gallons were delivered at each stop. Even though we were busy filling water buckets, we were able to spend time with all the kids and splash around in all the water.  All with the focus of showing Christ’s love to these kids and giving them a fun-filled break from their daily routine.

Fun team pic at the pier near stop 26

Dave Nelson and Abbie Nelson