Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kara & Karen's Team - Day 2: We Got to See God Today

It's amazing to think that just a few short months ago, this trip to Haiti seemed so far away and yet today- here we are, holding babies, and playing with the abundance of kiddos in the orphanages that yesterday were something we only imagined in our heads. I think today we can all say that we were woken up in a very big way.  Not only are we blessed to have the little things we all take for granted like a hot shower, or easily accessible medicine, but it was made very clear that it is our job to spread the goodness, love, and resources we have. It is our job to share the love of Jesus.  The amazing thing is, the only thing you need to do to share this gift is to show love. A simple touch. A hug. The children in these homes just want to be held.  They want to be seen. It is such a simple thing that in reality is a huge thing to these kids and to their development.

Today, we visited a Home for the Sick and Dying Babies, as well as a couple special needs orphanages. Our job today was simple. To show as much love to these kiddos as possible. To change diapers. To feed them. To show them they matter.  I can't imagine the struggles some of these families go through and being able to help give a little love to these children, even if just for a short time, felt amazing. And yet, didn't feel like nearly enough.  I guess that's just the struggle we have to continue to fight on a daily basis.

Everyone is safe and sound.  We don't want any loved ones to worry.  The traffic is quite different here than in the states and we were pleasantly surprised with the driving skills of the locals...especially at intersections where stop signs have no purpose! As we finish up the day, and wind down after an emotionally draining experience, we are playing a little cards, eating life savers, and getting to know each other better.  Oh yeah, and we sing a lot of worship songs. Go team go!

Miss everyone at home! Much love to you all, xoxoxo,