Sunday, August 26, 2018

Day 6

God is...

The final day began with many of us watching the sunrise and helping with breakfast. We sat down for a final team breakfast before heading off to Grace Church to attend a Haitian church service.  As we made the hour trip to church, we sang and worshipped God.  We love singing as a group and today was special as we prepared our hearts with praise and gratitude on the way to church.

God is greater than barriers!

Church in another country is an incredible experience.  Although many of us know minimal to no Creole, the presence of the Lord knows no language barriers and worship is powerful no matter if you can understand what’s being said or not. Something really evident this week was that God was greater than a language barrier. Most of our communication is through our actions and tone and we were able to communicate with others and worship without having to say a word.

God is majestic!

After church, the team traveled to Kaliko Beach Club to unwind and have a day of fun at the beach as a team to wrap up the week.  The team was able to spend all day on the beach and enjoy a delicious Haitian lunch. The beauty of God’s creation at the beach in Haiti left all of us in awe of His majesty as we stared out at the water and the mountains nearby. The sight of it all felt like a painting or a screen saver.  God is majestic. The ocean water felt like bath water and was so clean and clear that you could see your feet.  A couple of the team members rode on a jet ski and others rested on the cabanas and swam in the ocean.   Throughout the week, we have all grown so close, and the fun that we had together today after an emotional week was priceless.

God is in the details.

We traveled home after the beach to have our last dinner together as a family. On the way home, it began to rain - the only rain we saw all week.  We were in the Tap Tap which is a truck with benches and open air cage like encasing so the rain hit us and got us wet.  We started to sing ‘There is a Cloud’ by Elevation Worship in that moment and it was powerful because God’s rain of blessings bestowed our hearts all week.  It was a perfect touch from Him as our week was coming to a close. It was a small detail, but if you are paying attention, God is always speaking.

God is in control!

After dinner, we had our last devotional time together as a team. Those who hadn’t shared their testimonies shared and afterward, we headed to the balcony and sat together as a family and had an intimate moment of communion and prayer.  Each of our prayers were full with such gratitude, emotion, and love.  Everyone was so thankful for the love that God had shown through each person on the team, through our service to those in Haiti, as well as our service to each other.  We were so grateful that God had a plan and perfectly weaved the eclectic group of people He had for this week.  The hearts He connected and the way each member was uniquely moved to be here as a piece of the puzzle overwhelmed us.  We can’t see what God is doing in moments at times as we are walking through a moment, but when you take another look, it all makes sense.  It reminded us of how God is in control and makes no mistakes.  He knew who He wanted together for this mission and though we were uniquely different, together we were complete unit and perfect fit.

God is so good!