Saturday, April 7, 2018

First Lutheran Church Day 6

 Day 6, Second Water Truck day and Dio's Special Needs Orphanage!

We started out our day by heading to the water truck station to watch our water truck get filled. While there we watched the Haitians take showers in the water trucks that were overflowing and dripping. We say a little boy that had a VIKINGS Jersey on so we had to get a photo with him!

Off to our first stop where we saw a few things that stuck out and were heart wrenching. There was a bunch of kids fighting or rioting in the streets. One little girl in particular was getting beat up and bullied. The kids would rally around here and she would lay on the ground and lash out! It was terrible to see! The discipline here is so much more harsh than back home which is another hard thing to watch, they use belts, cut off parts of pants to hit the children when they disobey.  While these fights were happening, some of us gathered together and said a prayer that the spirits that were causing these fights would go away. We were all holding at least 2-3 kids and one little girl shouted out " in the name of Jesus"! If that doesn't give you goose bumps! It was amazing within minutes of our prayer the fighting stopped!!!

Our second stop was really moving also. We connected with a lot of children and families that were in need. We carried many heavy buckets of water down the streets to their homes, sewage running in the gutters, kids naked or half naked, but smiling from ear to ear!!!! The famous saying from the children here in Haiti is "Hey You" and the kids start chanting that! It is sound to our ears!!

We headed back to the guest house to shower and get ready to go to Dios, the special needs orphanage!

When we pulled up to the orphanage we saw kids of all kinds! Some were Walking, some were using walkers or canes and others sitting resting!  We brought out the toy bin and the kids went nuts! To see what those kids can do even WITH their disability is absolutely amazing!!! To see the joy that our team brought to their faces was humbling! These kids haves so much to give to us that we loved every minute there! We were jumping rope, playing soccer, coloring, braiding hair, using chalk, playing tic tac toe and snuggling!!! Just what Jesus ordered us to do with them!!!

God has blessed us in so many ways on this trip and I pray that we as a team and as we come home and share with others can be the CHANGE here in Haiti!!!