Friday, August 31, 2018

Day 4 - The Selfishness in Service

There is a certain aspect of service that one can only be introduced to through experience. Service is all about humbling yourself for others' sake, but there is a certain joy that I achieve when I serve others. I beleive that this joy is multiplied when you help those who cannot help themselves. For example, today, I had the pleasure of serving an elderly man.  He was the most appreciative and humble man I have ever met. He was showered with compliments about his appearance and his home and he gave the glory to God. No matter what happened, he kept giving all of his fortune to the Lord. I was happy that I was able to give my blessings to that man, but he gave me something as well. He gave me the lesson of patience. When people tried to offer him food, he ignored the food and chose to introduce himself and thank everyone for coming. He was so patient that he could wait for something so precious in Haiti like food and simply tell people his name. I found that inspiring and it taught me that the most valuable attributes of a true servant of God are patience and humility. You need patience to wait for God to answer your prayers and for something to happen in your life. (My spiritual moto: P.U.S.H - pray until something happens) We have to be humble to help us recognize our insignificance in the grand scheme of things. Only through those two things can we become as faithful a servant as the elderly man we met.  

The team being greeted by the elder as we entered his house.

Me (Tunji) amd team member Josue washing the elder's feet.

Josue and Me (Tunji) preparing the elder's feet to be washed.

God Bless,
Olatunji  (Tunji) - 16 years old