Friday, February 1, 2019

Day 5 water truck and home for sick and dying babies

We went to City Soleil to meet the water truck. At the first stop and second stop we were greeted by a bunch of kids yelling "Hey You." When we got off the tap tap all the kids ran up to us and wanted to be held. At the water hose all of the adults were gathered with their buckets, barrels, and tubs yelling and shoving for water. Some of the kids were splashing and playing in the water and most were taking baths. When we went to the home for sick and dying babies there were at least 50 babies, when we went to put the babies and toddlers back they would just start crying and sobbing, but someone would always come see if they were okay. The ride back on the tap tap was bumpy, but we came home to an amazing home cooked meal of spaghetti.

Amelia, Libby, Sophia