Monday, June 13, 2016

Ose-Gerst (Alpha team) Day 1

If you are at home as an anxious sender/supporter, know this;  we made it to the Healing Haiti guesthouse safely this afternoon.
[The blog site is having trouble on this computer;  so if I lose it again, be assured that we are well.]

Writing this amazing post for the 3rd time;  I hope it only gets better (if not, the first draft was amazing!).

Anyway, we all generally agreed that today went smoothly overall.  The bags all made it to Port-au-Prince and the people too!  A couple towers of luggage carts toppled while exiting the airport but no damaged goods (that I know of). 

The vibe from first time Haiti travelers seemed to be one of anticipation and potential.  Others of us on return trips were again struck by the wide Haitian smiles, open arms to hug sweaty foreign friends, and generous hospitality. 

Since we arrived before dinner (it felt like 9 pm since we awoke shortly after 2 this morning), many of us enjoyed watching the neighborhood boys play soccer next door.  By "door", I mean the crumbled concrete threshold that separates the street from the boys' home field.  This well worn patch of dusty gravel nestled in a bowl of sticks, cans, stones, and brambles is filled with great competition.  It's impressive; the foot work, the calluses, the comraderie.  Competitive arguments flare but the power of play wins out and the game plays on.

The heat of Haiti is eclipsed only the by the warmth of the relationships here.  Open arms, wide grins, and happy hosts greeted us to start our week.

Warm Welcome, thanks Haiti!
"N'ap boule" (We're burning!)

John Berge