Friday, June 28, 2019

XXX XXX - Jun 28

Bright smiles, lifted hands, and joyful spirits were the sights and sounds of the day!

The group headed out bright and early to attend a local sunrise church service. The community did not let the fact that there was not electric this morning stop them from offering praises to God through spoken prayers, raised hands, and the shared Word. While we may not have understood everything that was being said, it was apparent that the Holy Spirit was present and what an incredible blessing it was to be a part of a communal celebration of our Amazing Heavenly Father!

We had the privileged of delivering water to various locations in Cite Solei. It was truly an indescribable experience. To get off the tap tap and be instantly greeted by warm, loving, and happy children who are simply grateful to see you and spend time with you was incredibly precious and moving. We helped to deliver water, held children, played games, and spent time talking to those in the community.

We were able to tour the 28 acre Fleri Farm and hear about the vision and plans of expanding the already growing polyculture approach to farming which includes various produce such as bananas, mangoes, tomatoes, papaya, limes, eggplant, and cherries. In the near future, there may be plans to develop a collaborative project with the students of Hope School to teach them the basics of farming and agriculture. 

We ended the day with our Haiti "family" in laughter and boding as we shared our experiences of the day, told funny stories, and showed some of our talents. Did you know that we have a professional Irish dancer on our team? We will leave it to you to figure out who:)

God Bless!

All Over the Place - Day 4

Day 4, Thursday, June 27

Today we experienced the highs and lows of emotions. We started our morning off at the girls Haiti Teen Challenge. Over 80 young girls have applied, but only 12 get chosen to follow the 18 month program. At first, it was somewhat intimidating because we did not know what to expect and these girls seemed to have a guard up. Once we sat down the girls started to sing "Oceans" by Hillsong, They sounded angelic. Then, two of the girls had the courage to share their amazing and powerful testimonies. After the time we spent together, we left with full hearts, new relationships, and sweet memories.

To take in more of Haitian culture, we visited Papillon, which means butterfly in creole. It's an amazing organization created by an American missionary trying to adopt from Haiti.  This organization focuses on orphan prevention and job creation!  We had the opportunity to tour the restaurant, production area, and store. This gave us an insight into one of the most influential organizations in Haiti. We saw the brightly colored walls, hard-working artisans, and beautiful pieces of art and jewelry.

Last but not least, we visited a local orphanage. There we were able to bring joy to kids, and gain much more from them in return. Through soccer games, coloring books, balloons, and temporary tattoos, we got to share lots of laughter and smiles. Even the Healing Haiti staff joined in on the fun!

All five of us can agree that Haiti Teen Challenge has impacted us the most throughout our trip. We are so grateful to have experienced this, and especially to have experienced it together.

Audrey, Abby, Katie, Jack, and Grace