Monday, November 28, 2016

EBC Heather/Lisa Nov. 28th Day 1

I'm pretty sure that everyone could agree that today has been one big adventure as we began this weeks journey. After a few hours of flying, we landed safely here in Haiti. As we arrived closer to the airport, we were able to get a glimpse of the lifestyle that we were walking into. The airport here was completely different from what we just experienced in the States. We exited the plane outside instead of indoors and instantly we were hit by the beautiful weather in Port-Au-Prince. I think it's safe to say we all welcomed the heat with open arms considering there's cold weather and snow on the ground back home. It was an experience getting our baggage back because we had Haitians abundantly requesting to help carry our things but we had to politely tell them no. This was one of the ways the Haitians were trying to earn a living and it was heartbreaking walking away.
We got transported to the guest house in what we call a "tap- tap. The tap-tap is like a circus car with benches that face each other inside and caged around us for our safety. This way we can see what's around us but nobody is able to reach in. During our drive to the guest house, we got to see a little bit of what Haiti's like. This was our first encounter with the smells, sounds, and culture we were coming to serve. It's definitely a culture shock when you see half-built houses, trashed streets, tied up goats, and kids looking for food for your first time. At first it was shocking, but then it gave me some more excitement to be here. It gave me some reassurance in regards to knowing that they need the help and here was my team in full force, ready to help them. Once we arrived at the guest house, we set our stuff down and began the tour. The rest of the day was filled with rules and regulations, dinner, questions, and intro the rest of our week. I am beyond grateful to be here and I'm so excited that I was blessed with such a brilliant team. I can't wait to see how God is going to shine his love through us for the rest of the week and see how He transforms each one of us individually.
Thank you for following back home and continue to keep us all in your prayers. Don't worry too much about our safety here just breathe easy, and remember we're in Gods' hands.
It's all good.
Yours truly,