Friday, May 25, 2018

FBC Huntingdon, TN - Day Four - May 25, 2018

This morning we went to Church on the Rock. We asked if it was on a famous rock and we were told THE ROCK, JESUS. What an awesome experience! These Haitian people know how to worship. They meet Monday through Friday from 6-7 am before they begin their day. For one hour they walked around the large room, holding up their hands, praying to Jezi (Jesus) who they love. Walking sometimes turned into dancing, all in the name of worship. They showed me what true freedom to worship looks like. No one was the least bit concerned about what the other person was saying. They were so focused on their own personal worship.

Then we went and visited four elders. They are older people that Healing Haiti sponsors. I experienced my first foot-washing. I was not real sure about this at first, but I wanted to be a part of this act of kindness. I felt such a blessing when I looked up into the sweet woman’s face as Diane and I washed her feet and hands! She was so grateful, but not anymore than I was.  I came to Haiti to be a blessing, but I received one today.

Keep us in your prayers as we have another busy day tomorrow.