Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Perspective is everything. Monday perspective was looking out an airplane window as it glided over Cite Soleil from thousands of feet up, sitting in climate-controlled comfort, munching on snacks and checking the temperature at Port-au-Prince airport. Below us was a patchwork quilt of rusting corrugated metal and old canvas, an untouched world that was out of touch with where we were.

And then there was Tuesday perspective. Tuesday found us standing in the middle of this now very tactile patchwork quilt, looking up at the airplanes gliding over us at thousands of feet, oblivious to the lives in the balance, lives in which God was now calling us to bring His grace and mercy, calling us to be His presence in a city in need.

As children of God, perspective is everything, the point of view that sees God's leading as the way to truly living, to being vitally involved in extending His kingdom as He knows to best. It means rejoicing in the smile of a child who finds joy in the midst of much want, rejoicing in the church that now stands where a mountain of trash once stood. It means selling out completely to the Lord God Almighty who gave up His life to save ours.

May our perspective come into line with our Lord, seeing people in need, meeting them where they're at and expending our best to glorify our God. Perspective is indeed everything!