Saturday, March 10, 2018

Liberty Classical Academy: Day 5, Orphanage Visits

            First we visited the orphanage called For His Glory. Most of the kids were fairly young, and they seemed very well taken care of; they weren't overly clingy, and they were not fighting with each other. We played jump rope, played basketball, and blew bubbles with the kids. It was really fun to play basketball there, because the hoop was really low and it was really easy to dunk. The kids loved watching people (a.k.a. Ben) dunk on Neal. The kids loved jump rope also and most of them were better than us. We tried playing games like Ring Around the Rosie and Duck Duck Grey Duck with some of the little kids; some of them caught on, and some of them didn't. There was a kid there named Wilson, who had some disabilities and stayed in a wheelchair. An American lady, who visits often, told us that he doesn't get out of his room much and just lies in his bed most of the time. He really touched the hearts of many of us. When it was time to go he started crying and no one could get him to stop. It was really hard for many of us to see. Overall, it was a really calm and fun day, and we loved sharing the love of God with all the kids.
           The second orphanage we went to is called Dios. It is a orphanage for special needs children. There were kids of many different ages there. Most of the kids there had problems with their legs or feet; most were in wheelchairs. Almost all the older boys played soccer with Ty, Neal, Jacob, and Ben. Even a boy with crutches played too. The girls liked to play hand games and they liked it when we held their hands. We met a boy named Morris. From his knees down his legs and feet are unusable. We sat down with him and he wanted to get out of his wheel chair so we took him out. Then he went back and forth between our laps. He loved being tickled and laughed a lot. There was a railing that he used to help him walk. He liked to play this game where he would stack a bunch of our hands on top of each other and lightly hit the hand on the top. We had to try to take our hands out of the pile without him noticing. It was hard to leave, but as we were pulling out, we saw him laughing and waving goodbye to us. Overall, it was really fun to connect with all the kids and see how much joy they had even though they have so little.

Delia, Izzie, Ben, and Leanna