Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Service Impact Team 8.5 - Day 3 - VBS

Service Impact Team 8.5 - Day 3 - VBS

Today our team had the privilege of hosting 2 VBS's for 60 kids! We had the incredible opportunity to interact, share the Gospel, and love on these special little ones. The first VBS we did this morning was of 40 kids from a local summer camp, and the second one this afternoon was of 20 kids from an orphanage - An absolutely special and priceless day. As I write this blog post, I'm listening to one of my favorite songs, that honestly couldn't be more fitting for today:

"Tell me I am loved
Tell me I am known
That You died for me
I am not alone
Tell me I'm Your child
The one Your heart beats for
I can find my strength
Knowing I am Yours
You've always known what my heart needs
And You tell me"
~Tell Me by Carrollton

That's exactly what we did today - Loving on the kids in Haiti and telling them that they are LOVED, KNOWN, and that Jesus DIED FOR THEM. That they can find STRENGTH with the "Goliaths" in their lives because they are HIS.

We are all so thankful for this opportunity that Jesus gave us all to share with these sweet children! We started off our time by worshiping with them and singing songs, and Abbey and a few others from our team had prepared a message on "David and Goliath" and Abbey taught the lesson to the kids. They were all so receptive and interacted with us, and they especially liked the acting on Austin and Donnie's part! We asked the kids after if they had anything that they needed prayer for, and so many of them raised their hands! (Alexa & Abbey praying with the kids, pictured below)

We had coloring pages and word-search activities prepared to do with them which was a lot of fun - Something that one of our team members pointed out tonight was how the kids were so neat and careful when coloring. They stayed in between the lines and really took their time with the coloring pages. Why? Because kids in Haiti don't have the typical things that you would see a child in America have, like coloring pages or crayons. It was special to share the Gospel with them and spend time just loving on them and having fun. We also provided all 60 kids with snacks, water, and sandwiches for lunch. Today, not only did we meet physical needs - But we met SPIRITUAL needs as well. We all know that if just ONE child comes to know Christ, then this whole trip is worth it for all of us!

Today's "word of the day"  from our team:
  • Saturate - Suz
  • Joyful - Marlee
  • Displayed - Kayla
  • Smiles - Marcus
  • Adoration - Mark
  • Laughter - Kristen
  • Hungry - Austin
  • Grateful - Abbey
  • Love - Danika
  • Pure - Alexa
  • Adore - Donovan
  • Awaken - Manny
Tomorrow is our first Water Truck day - So please be praying for our team as we deliver thousands of gallons of clean water the poorest slum in our hemisphere - Cite Soleil. Glwa pou Bondye!