Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rockpoint Students: Dare's + Home of Sick & Dying Babies + Apparent Project (Day 3)

Bonswa from Haiti!

Today was filled with laughter, memories, and exciting stories. Despite the fact that we are all sweating profusely, everyone can testify that today was an incredible day. We began the morning by splitting the team into two groups based on where we felt God was calling us to serve. Half of us went to Dari's, a home for disabled and rejected children, and the other half went to the home for sick and dying babies.

After praying over the day, we all piled into the tap tap.  When we arrived at Dari's, we went through the gate to the small outdoor courtyard, where kids were ready to meet us.  Many of them were not shy and came right up to us.  A small boy grabbed onto the guitar case I was carrying.  After we went through the courtyard, we walked inside the building and went into the room where most of the kids were hanging out.   The room was about the size of large bedroom, and it had neat holes cut into the walls in place of windows.  Soon after we got into the room, some Legos were brought out, and we started to play with the kids.

The kids really enjoyed playing with the Legos, however, not all played with them.  Some kids were not able to play as they had to stay laying down because of there disabilities.  I spent some time hanging out with these kids, rubbing their backs and hands to show them love through touch.  This morning my devotion was from Matthew 25:35 and some of the following verses about treating the least of these as if you are treating Jesus.  I felt that the two girls lying on the floor were the least of these.  As I rubbed the hand of one of the girls and thought about what I was doing, I started tearing up.

A missionary with Healing Haiti, Grace, came with and played the guitar.  We sang "10,000 Reasons" in English and Creole, two different languages praising the same awesome God.  Some bubbles were also brought out.  After bubbles, some of us took a quick water break in the tap tap.  After our break,  I brought out the guitar and began playing.  Some of the people in the room had some percussion instruments and played along.  It was fun to play music with the people there.  Soon it was time to say goodbye.  We got back into the tap tap and rode to pick up the rest of the team.  We had a great time showing God's love to the least of these.


Home of Sick and Dying Babies:

The Home of Sick and Dying Babies was, to say the least, heart breaking. When we arrived, mothers were crowding around the door, hoping to bring their malnourished and dying babies into the home. There were three large rooms with numbered cribs lined up for each child and a playground out back. There is only one day per week that we are allowed to visit the home, so a few other missionaries joined us at the home.

I instantly became attached to a small boy who was lying in his crib, weak and malnourished. As I cradled him, he melted into my arms because he was too weak to hold his own body up. I couldn't help but cry as he helplessly stared into my eyes for minutes on end. His body looked as if it were four months old, yet his tag read two to three years. Carrying a high fever, the little baby collapsed
helplessly into my arms. The least I could do for him was show him that he is loved and cared for.

Watching our team interact with the children was up-lifting. We cradled sleeping babies, threw a ball with some older boys, bounced babies on our laps to make them giggle, changed diapers, learned hand shakes, and showed them what it feels like to be loved. A simple smile was enough acknowledgement to make the children giggle with joy.

Our hearts were broken as we left the crying babies who were reaching their hands to us, longing to be held, yet we felt so full because God had used us to show his love to those who need it most. It's amazing how much love these children need, and we were able to give it to them.


Lunch was spent in the guest house before we headed off to the Apparent Project. At the Apparent Project we were given a tour of the work place where they made items such as clay beads, paper beads, pottery, T-shirts, and dolls. What a beautiful night it has been overlooking the city on mountains while drinking smoothies. Sweaty and filled with joy, we couldn't cease laughing as we bounced around in the tap tap back to the guest house.

Continue to pray for our safety and that God would lead us outside of our comfort zones so that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti.

Peter and Karis