Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kennebec Community Church - May 31st 2017

Sometimes God's plan aren't our plans. That includes the planned daily agenda in Haiti...

Today we visited the Home for Sick & Dying Babies, Gertrudes (an orphange/home for disabled children), and Papillon and the Apparent Project. Since our team consists of 14 people, we all weren't able to go serve at once. Half of us went to minister at one place, half to the other. At first it seemed as though our plans for the day were all over the place, but God knew our needs and our hearts and had other plans for our team.

It was an emotional day for everyone. Between holding babies who are very sick and could die, to loving on kids with cerebral palsy... It was emotional. Our team felt tired and drained after our first stops, even though all we were doing was loving on children. Sometimes on these trips, its the most simple things that drain us. It drains us emotionally when our hearts are so broken for the people of Haiti and their circumstances. For the kids who are sick. For the disabled children. For the people who don't know the incredible love and forgiveness that Jesus Christ has to offer.

The Apparent Project and Papillon was inspiring. Job creation displayed in a beautiful way! Where local Haitians are empowered, employed, and educated all in the same place. One of our favorite aspects of Papillon is that the mothers are allowed to bring their children to free self-sustained child care, for ages new born to 3 years old. These mothers are allowed to be with their children throughout the day for breast feeding and to spend time with them. The beauty behind this is that these mothers no longer have to send their children to orphanages because they can't support them, but instead these families are given a second chance at providing for their families. Apparent project is a non-profit partnership with Papillon that educates these mothers, empowers them and gives them practical skills to make it in the real world. What a blessing it is to see these developing corporations bringing education jobs, and empowerment back to the people.

Our words of the day were: Created, innocent, loving, joy, uplifting, inspirational, humbling, good, sovereign, reason, unique, love, loved, and different.

~ Danika & Stephanie